#Man Crush Monday

Since I dedicated last week’s post to the women of Broadway, I thought it would be fun to dedicate this week to the guys. In continuation of last week’s idea, I chose my top ten (plus some honorable mentions).

10. Agony – Into the Woods

This song is a classic with it’s over-dramatic, incredibly beautiful princes. It’s a funny song in the middle of a tragic show. The male voices are smooth and charming as princely voices should be. The two of them perfectly express how attractive, yet completely unsuitable they are.

Favorite Line: “Am I not sensitive, clever, well-mannered, considerate, passionate, charming, as kind as I’m handsome, an heir to a throne!?”

into the woods

9. Hey Good-Lookin’ – Dogfight

Another group of guys that one should stay away from, but who still manage to pull off a wonderfully catchy song. These marines have come to shore and what they’re looking for isn’t a committed relationship. They manage to make you laugh even while you’re disapproving of their actions.

Favorite Line: “What’s a guy to do? (What’s a guy to do?)”


8. What You Own – Rent

This angsty song shows these two guys, struggling to find the inspiration for their creative pursuits. Bonus for this song: Adam Pascal is in it and I love his voice.

Favorite line: “I quit! Dying in America…”

rent adam

7. Sincerely, Me – Dear Evan Hansen

This song perfectly depicts three different boys. It’s hilarious and catchy, dealing with the topic of stress and fake emails. Bonus point for Ben Platt’s vocals in it. It’s a funny song in an otherwise tear-jerking show.

Favorite line: “I gotta tell yah life without yah has been hard. Hard? Has been bad. Bad? Has been rough! Kinky!”

Dear Evan hansen

6. I Believe – Book of Mormon

This song gets bonus points right away because of its high notes. The original Elder Price, Andrew Rannells, killed this song. He portrayed the arrogance of his character and the determination to make a difference, even if he does something stupid in the meantime.

Favorite Line: “I believe that Jesus has his own planet as well!”

book of mormon

5. Music of the Night – Phantom of the Opera

I know that Phantom is amazing and it might be surprising that it’s this low on the list. It’s down here for two reasons. The first is because, well, it’s not my favorite. The second is because I only love this song when it’s done by certain actors. (For example, I despise the original Phantom’s voice). I do love Ramin Karimloo’s version, however, so this song is still very close to my heart.

Favorite Line: “You alone can make my song take flight”

ramin karimloo

4. Dust and Ashes – The Great Comet

This show popped up on my post last week a couple of times too. I love it a lot, especially Josh Groban’s character, Pierre. This song deals with the question of life and how we live it. Have we done enough? Are we doing enough? Are we/ will we ever be prepared to die? It’s a little heavy, but definitely beautiful.

Favorite Line: “How did I live? Was I kind enough and good enough?
Did I love enough? Did I ever look up, and see the moon, and the stars, and the sky?”

dust and ashes

3. Shiksa Goddess – The Last Five Years

Jeremy. Jordan.

Favorite Line: “My people have suffered for thousands of years and I don’t give a shit.”

jeremy jordan shiksa goddess

2. I’m Alive – Next to Normal

I could just say Aaron Tveit, but this song deserves more. Sure, he’s super hot. Sure, there’s a little bit of pole dancing on his part in this song, but it’s also supposed to be a song from the point of view of a dead child in a show that deals with a lot of mental illness. It’s sexy, but it’s also a really meaningful show and it’s more than just Aaron Tveit that matters.

Favorite Line: “I’m your wish. Your dream come true and I am your darkest nightmare too. I’ve shown you. I own you.”

Next to normal aaron


1. Waving Through a Window – Dear Evan Hansen

Once again, Ben Platt makes this song. His control of emotions and his vocal range really make this song. It’s also one of the most relatable songs that I’ve ever heard and it shows a lot of insecurity and anxiety. It’s a great first view before delving into bigger mental illness and social issues.

Evan Hansen


Honorable Mentions:

Runaway with Me – The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown

Live in Living Color – Catch Me if You Can

Balaga – The Great Comet

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