Party, Party, Party

With the Tony Awards less than a week away, it’s time to start thinking of the Tony watch parties you can throw. Of course, the most important part of the night is the Tonys themselves, but there is more that the host can provide in order to make it even more fun for the viewers!


Whether you are a dedicated theatre fan or a fabulous party planner, this one’s for you! Theme’s could range from the Tony Awards themselves, starting with guests arriving on a red carpet and leaving with swag bags, to your favorite show! Focus the decorations and snacks around your favorite theme and start the night off right by setting the exciting mood!


If you’re going with a theme, there are lots of good show puns to work with whatever snacks you have! Last year, Ham4Ham sandwichs were popular. This year it could be Dear Evan Hamsen(wichs). There are lots of possibilities beyond ham sandwichs, though. Pick your favorite show and get cooking!

Even if you aren’t going with a theme, food is still important to any good party. Go with your favorite snacks! I love an excuse to get out the chips and guac, but anything works.


If you’re gonna have snacks, you might as well have drinks! You can always make your own or (if you’re of legal age) you can make the different show drinks. The Tony Awards website has the list of the official show drinks listed here:

Tony Awards Cocktails

If you’re not of legal age, you can always create your own. My favorite classic is the Fanta of the Opera. Puns are very important to holding with the theme. Again, if you’re not having a theme, just go with whatever makes you happiest!

If you are of the legal drinking age, drinking games are also fun. Pick a show and every time they win, take a shot! Every time someone brings up Hamilton, (even though it isn’t even eligible this year) take a shot! Every time someone cries when they win take a shot! Make up your own rules and have fun!


This might just be a me-thing, but I know that I can get very emotional when my favorite wins or loses.

Whatever way you watch the Tonys, have a great night and fingers crossed that your favorites win!



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