It’s Time for a Dogfight

The album that I’ve been listening to the most this week is Dogfight. Dogfight is a Pasek and Paul musical. It’s bigger names are Derek Klena (currently in Anastasia as Dmitry), Lindsay Mendez, and Annaleigh Ashford.


The story focuses on Eddie Birdlace (Derek Klena), a marine in town for a night. Eddie and his friends plan a dogfight party, where they will each bring a date and the marine that brings the ugliest girl wins a cash prize. The marines all end up finding a girl. Eddie meets Rose (Lindsay Mendez) at her work and invites her to the dance. Rose, unsuspecting of the trick, is excited and nervous to go on her first date. Unfortunately, she finds out at the party, when another girl (Annaleigh Ashford) lets her in on the secret. Rose is heartbroken, but agrees to a date later when Eddie comes and apologizes. The date is awkward and then Eddie leaves for the war. During the war, all of Eddie’s friends are killed and he survives. He comes back to America and sees Rose, who has moved on but forgives him.

Second Stage Theatre

Lindsay Mendez is the shining star of this show, drawing in the audience and bringing them to tears. Her ability to evoke so much emotion is truly beautiful. Derek Klena has an amazing voice and has many opportunities to show it off. His character struggles throughout the show with his morals. Annaleigh Ashford brings a comedic side to the show, using her powerful and unique voice to add another view of the situation.

The show was powerful and hilarious. The amazing actors brought so much development to the characters and the soundtrack is fun and mostly upbeat.

Listen to:

Pretty Funny (if you want to cry)

Hey, Good-Looking (if you want to laugh)

Dogfight (if you want to angry belt)

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