Let’s Tell a Tale

With an exciting sound and story, this soundtrack has been stuck in my head for the past month. Calogero, the main character, is torn between the values and life that his father taught him and the mysterious life of the Mafia. While dealing with this inner struggle, he falls in love with a girl from the wrong street.

My favorite song from this show right now is “Out of My Head.” This tune is mainly upbeat and is the epitome of star-crossed lovers. The yearning in the beginning of this song is contrasted by the defeat towards the end. Even though the song ends on a lower note, their love story isn’t over. It’s just the beginning.


The last song of Act One is another favorite of mine. It’s time for Calogero’s choice: the Mafia or the working-class life that his dad had planned for him. His dad, seeing the danger of his son’s future, sings “These Streets” and the emotion that fills the song continues to tug at my heartstrings.

ariana part 2

My last song favorites from this show are the opening songs of the two acts. “Belmont Avenue” and “Webster Avenue” give life and soul to the two streets and really support the background of the love story. Calogero comes from the Italian Belmont Avenue and Jane is coming from the Black Webster Avenue. The vibe on these two streets is fun, but the sound shows off the differences between the two.

Overall, this story is inspiring and exciting. The music is amazing and really shows the soul of the city. The voices are perfectly suited to the feel of the show and it’ll leave audiences wanting more!

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