Spotlight on: Lauren Zakrin

Lauren Zakrin is a soprano with a killer belt. She has played Galinda (Wicked), Sherrie (Rock of Ages), Sandy (Grease), and more. She was on “The Search for the Next Elle Woods” and ended up playing Elle on Broadway. Her most recent role was in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812.

lauren 2

Ever since I saw Lauren Zakrin in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, I have wanted to talk about how AMAZING she was. She went on for the part of Natasha on the night that I saw the show. My parents, who aren’t as excited by theatre as I am, were worried that I would be disappointed by an understudy playing the lead. I had to reassure them that this would in no way ruin the show. I was excited to see someone that I had no preparation for.  I had done my research before the show and I had come to form expectations on how the actors would do. I was expecting Denée Benton to play Natasha that night (she does beautifully in this part by the way) and I was excited to see her, but the thought of watching someone that I had never heard of excited me as well. I didn’t know Lauren. I didn’t have any prior knowledge of her and no idea of what to expect in her portrayal of this amazing character.

Lauren 1

She blew me away.

Lauren’s excitement and energy immediately drew me in. Before the show had even started, she WAS Natasha. There were a few moments where we locked eyes and the pure emotion that she showed was astounding. It was then that I knew that I was starstruck. She was lively, beautiful, and a little dramatic. She showed the right amount of vanity, the heartbreak, the fear and excitement of flirtation with Anatole. You rooted for her. When her guilt and heartbreak filled the theatre at the end, I cried with her.

Lauren 3

Upon doing more research on Lauren, I found that she was becoming one of my favorite actresses. I have so much respect for her work and her talent.



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