Chill Out

If you’re a theatre fan and you haven’t listened to Be More Chill, I suggest that you pull the soundtrack up right now while you read this. Be More Chill is my latest soundtrack obsession and for good reason. The characters are relatable, the music is catchy and fun and fits the mood of the show perfectly.

The storyline focuses on a boy, Jeremy, as he struggles to deal with common high school issues like bullying, popularity, and crushes. He has a crush on an adorable theatre nerd, Christine, who has no idea how he feels about her. His best friend, Michael, is loyal and hilarious and shares Jeremy’s love of video games. Jeremy just wants to fit in and win the girl of his dreams. Sounds pretty basic, right?

jeremy bmc

Here’s the kicker. In order to become popular, Jeremy buys a S.Q.U.I.P (a Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor). This high-tech device plants itself in Jeremy’s brain and tells him what to do. At first, everything seems to be going perfectly. The popular girls start to think he’s cute. The guys don’t pick on him anymore. If that was the end, everything would seem fine. It’s not.

The S.Q.U.I.P begins to cut out Michael, leaving him to feel alone and betrayed. Christine starts to fall for a guy, but it’s not Jeremy and the S.Q.U.I.P. doesn’t seem that upset about it. Chaos ensues when another boy with a S.Q.U.I.P. ends up setting a house on fire. Jeremy realizes that the S.Q.U.I.P. doesn’t really care about him or anyone. The S.Q.U.I.P.’s goal? World domination. (Maybe we should’ve seen that coming). In the end, it’s up to Jeremy to defeat the S.Q.U.I.P. and make everything right again.

It’s hard to choose a favorite song, but the one that I currently have on repeat is “The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire).” This song shows some dark humor as the teenagers of the town gossip (through text and tweet) about Rich’s downfall.

Michael in the Bathroom, a song about Michael hiding in a bathroom during the Halloween party is one of the shows most popular. George Salazar’s voice is amazing and this song effectively rips your heart out. Michael is one of the shows funnier characters, so the sadness in this song feels very real.

michael and jeremy

I, personally, love “I Love Play Rehearsal” just because it’s extremely relatable. Christine is such a happy, pure character and all she wants to do is be in theatre. She’s adorkable and it’s easy to see why Jeremy’s in love with her.

christine bmc 2

I highly suggest listening to or, if possible, seeing this show. If you love this show as much as I do, comment below with your thoughts!

Update: The cast is now releasing the album on vinyl for even more ways to listen!



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